A Little Something Different…

Alternative Menstrual Products

Please forgive me for deviating from food in this post.  Although The Bitten Brownie is a food blog, I have had a desire to write about alternative menstrual products for quite some time (sorry men).  There are many perks to considering using alternative menstrual products and I a quite passionate about the topic.  Even though there are a few different types of alternative menstrual products like cloth pads and sea sponges, I will primarily be discussing what I consider to be the most convenient and safe ones: The Keeper and The Moon Cup.

For more information about the products I won’t be discussing, click here.

I know, I know, you’re thinking, ‘Why would anyone want to use products like these?  They look uncomfortable and messy.  What about cleanliness?”

First of all, you should be aware that popular menstrual products are not only harmful to the environment but manufactured using a bleaching process to make them appear white and sterile. This bleaching process leaves dioxins in the vagina.  There are no safe levels of dioxins.  As you’ve probably been taught in health class or read in your box of tampons, these popular products are linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome because they are made of rayon.  The Keeper and The Moon cup have not been linked to TSS like rayon tampons and other alternative menstrual products like the sea sponge.  The string of a tampon provides a way for bad bacteria to enter into the vagina.  Furthermore, rayon fibers are linked to cervical cancer and many chemicals like pesticides have been found on tampons.  For more information: the hazards of popular menstrual products.

The Moon Cup and The Keeper are designed to be comfortable like a tampon.  Inserting and taking them out is fairly easy and cleanup involved a paper towel or toilet paper.  They need to be cleaned one per cycle in warm soapy water and can last up to ten years! So, although they cost about $35, the price per month is cents compared to the high cost of tampon and pad purchase.  Although these products may not be for everyone, I recommend giving them a shot for your health and the health of the environment.


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