About The Bitten Brownie

The Bitten Brownie is a food blog meant to celebrate food sensually, culturally, nutritionally, and historically.  It is a blog both informative and aesthetic in nature.  I hope you enjoy exploring the many wonders of food!

A Little Personal History:

Growing up in the household of an Italian-American mother, my life at home was intimately connected to Italian cuisine and culture.  My mother was and continues to be an amazing chef, not only of Italian foods but also of various other foreign cuisines.  I have distinct childhood memories of watching Lidia Bastianich, the famous Italian chef of Lidia’s Italy, snuggled up with my mother on the family room couch.

I wholeheartedly agree with Lidia’s assertion that the three keys to understanding and growing closer to Italian culture are food, wine, and art.  However, it wasn’t until I arrived at college and began eating at the dining hall that I had a revelation, which changed the way I think about food forever.  I realized the foods I had eaten while growing up represent only a minute portion of the foods available to eat and enjoy.  I became excited about food and decided to plan on attending culinary school after earning my BA in English.

At the end of the last academic school year I began to pursue a healthful lifestyle, which included broadening the range of foods I consumed and attempting to eat foods rich with the vitamins my body needs.  For the past six months I have been a passionate connoisseur of new, healthy foods when eating out and cooking at home.  Therefore, a small part of this blog will be devoted to sharing new foods I have become excited about.


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