Posted by: Emily | December 7, 2009

“Just Food” Documentary

Fresh Vegetables

The day before Thanksgiving I had the pleasure of viewing a documentary called Just Food.  The documentary recorded interviews conducted with farmers of agriculture and livestock.  Some of the farmers owned organic farms and others used commercial agricultural procedures.  The diversity of the the interviewees was great, with one farmer raising sustainable crops in the middle of a large city.

One of the greatest things about the documentary was its mastery of spreading the word about healthy choices and the importance of organic produce, meat, and dairy.  I learned that non-organic produce contains pesticides that are harmful to our bodies and massive livestock farms use monoculture, which creates a need for large amounts of antibiotics.  These antibiotics are consumed by us when we eat this meat.  Nature’s natural way of producing food is not monoculture, but instead a diversity of plants and animals living in one space.  Monoculture ruins land and creates a great amount of pollution.  Food travels thousands of miles to the places where it will be consumed, making it less fresh.  In the end, it will not be a sustainable way for us to live on earth.  Unfortunately, the two corporations that run most of the agricultural production in the United States are running small, sustainable, family farms into the ground.

The organization that produced this documentary is also called Just Food and is located in NYC.  There will be a showing of the documentary on December 15th in New York.

More information about sustainable agriculture.

More on agricultural antibiotics.



  1. Great and informative article!

  2. For further information, consider attending the NYU Food and Climate Change conference this weekend:

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