Posted by: Emily | December 1, 2009



Just last night I was devouring some Alden’s Cookies and Cream Ice Cream when my friend remarked, “This tastes a little like malt.” So I got to thinking, “Wow, I’ve heard of malt before but I really have no idea what it is.” After talking about malt for some time and coming to no conclusive thoughts on its origin, I got off of my butt and walked to this very computer to find a determinate answer (Wikipedia seems to be the best place for this sort of quickie-research thing). Click on “malt” for more detailed information.

Malt is an ingredient used in many different types of foods and beverages. It can be found in beer, bread, and all different types of sugary sweeteners. Malt is rich in protein and carbohydrate, so it is a good nutrient for your body. As pictured to the right, malt is made from various cereal grains, which are soaked, partially germinated, dried, and cured.

A new recipe: From Emeril Lagasse


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