Posted by: Emily | November 5, 2009

Too Cold for Gelato?

Oh so creamy...

It’s never too cold outside for gelato!  If you havn’t tasted Italian gelato, it is absolutely imperative that you try a handful of the multitudes of flavors available.  While the best gelato can only be found in Italy, it can also be found many other places like your local Whole Foods Market.  So, if you are like me and perpetually low on cash, making it impossible to vacation in Italy like Matt Armendariz recently did, you can still try decent gelato.  Here is Matt’s picture of gelato from “How Not To Behave Like a Glutton in Rome” that he tasted while in Italy:


Armendariz's Italian Gelato

For those of you who don’t know, gelato is Italian ice cream.  However, it would be false to think about gelato only in terms of American ice cream.  Gelato is generally creamier, softer, and cleaner on the palate than American ice cream.  It’s flavors are most often fruity or nutty and it is served in smaller portions because of its extremely rich quality.  I’ve personally sampled some amazing gelato from Rocco’s Pastry Shop in New York City at 243 Bleeker Street.  Little Italy in NYC is a tourist area full of wonderful restaurants and bakeries that serve gelato.  For more information, check out David Lebowitz’s blog called “What is Gelato?”

If you want to try and make some gelato at home, check out this recipe from Epicurious:




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