Posted by: Emily | October 30, 2009

Serious Eats

Serious Eats is a food blog very different from Matt Bites and Canelle et Vanille.  First, the blog is authored by a number of different food bloggers including Ed Levine, the founder of the site, and numerous other contributors.  Because the blog has many contributors, the periodicity of  its post are is much more frequent than the other blogs.  The layout of Serious Eats is much more busy than the other blogs, with ads filling up the right side and other tidbits between the posts.  For example, the blog has a feature called “Talk” that poses a question for readers to respond to.  Most recently, there was a “Talk” post on using pumpkin or apple sauce instead of oil in baking.  Readers also have a chance to post their food photography in special posts on the site.  Using these two outlets, Serious Eats is a blog that offers more community than the other blogs I have looked at.

Despite all of these positive aspects of the blog, Serious Eats is not necessarily an example of the type of blog I am looking to produce.  The blog is definitely not as visually appealing as the two previous blogs reviewed.  Take for example this photo from “Come on in ‘The Kitchn.'”


A Little Unappealing?

On the other hand, I like the the many topics of the posts found in this site.  Whereas the two previous blogs reviewed were very personal, Serious Eats is more commercial and informative.  I like how the blog enlightens its readers about the topics of each post.  For example, the most resent “Dinner Tonight” post took time to discuss tarragon and its powerful qualities.

On a more personal note, reviewing this successful food blogs is exciting and informative for me.  A few more and I will be ready to reform The Bitten Brownie.


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