Posted by: Emily | October 27, 2009

Matt Bites

Matt Bites is a food blog similar to Canelle et Vanille in its use of gorgeous pictures representing the food at hand in each post.  The pictures on Matt Armendariz’s blog are professionally done and quite breathtaking.  Take, for example, his most recent post on “Adam’s Scary Apples.”  Armendariz makes great use of seasonal colors and tastes to keep his blog fresh and applicable to readers.  Even the header of his blog is updated to the season with words and colors.  Check out more of Matt Armendariz’s food photography here.

Armendariz's Apples

Seasonal Food, Professional Photography

I particularly enjoyed how Matt Bites includes in its posts a great amount of personal context surrounding the foods he cooked and photographed.  However, I would like my blog posts to be somewhat shorter and more factual.  I want to not only cook and photograph foods, but take some time to do research on food culture.  I would also like to incorporate recipes (which both of the reviewed sites have used) and video.


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