Posted by: Emily | October 26, 2009

Canelle et Vanille

As I have previously written, I have been spending time researching various food blogs and food writing online.  I am particularly fascinated with the food blog called Canelle et Vanille.  My attraction to this blog is mostly visual.  Aran does a wonderful job with photography and styling of the food she cooks and writes about.  She also does an amazing job with the layout of the pictures on her website.

Take, for example, her post on Pumpkin and Hazelnut Doughnuts and a Clafoutis.  The post makes use of a variety of expertly taken photographs of food, both with and without humans as subjects.  The best pictures are posted as larger and the other pictures are laid out in a scrapbook-like format down the page.  The photographs not only encapsulate the beauty of the food, but also the associations made with seasonal doughnuts, like childhood and fall gourds.  Even the colors of her photographs are a celebration of the season.

I also like how Aran makes use of only a few words in describing her personal journey behind each post, whether she was cooking with her little boy or on her own.  Her inspirations are interesting and concise.  I also like how the posts are kept short by a link, which may or may not be clicked by the viewer, to recipes.  In this way, Aran gives her readers a choice on whether they wish to continue reading about a particular post or not.  For surely not everyone enjoys eating or cooking with parsimmons or beets.

Even though I enjoy reading Aran’s blog, I am not sure that I want my blog to share the same sort of format.  For one thing, I don’t have the resources while I am in school to cook as often as I would like.  Also, I think I would like to include some informative aspect into my blog about the health benefits or cultural significance of certain foods.

More to follow with analysis of food writing.

(Please excuse the blog’s appearance–it is in transition!)


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