Posted by: Emily | October 2, 2009

One Day of Training Done, Two To Go

Training last night was an absolute blast!  I have never been more excited about a new job and the new challenges I will face as I enter the door to train in the next couple of days.  The other people working at Tumulty’s were very supportive and the man training me was extremely knowledgeable.  I love nothing more than to see the smiling faces of the customers when their food arrives to satisfy their grumbling stomachs.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about my new job is the opportunity to learn about new foods.  Many of the foods on the menu, although likely commonplace for a tavern like Tumulty’s, are dishes that I have never tried before or know nothing about.  I am enjoying observing and smelling the different types of food as I bring them out to the tables (don’t worry, I am not putting my nose in the food).


I Hope This is Laughing...

It would be hard to top my new job.  Working with food is not only providing hungry people with sustenance to survive, but it is also about the giving of a certain type of joy.  Food is an integral part of culture that provides immediate physical and mental comfort.  It is a commonality among the customers I serve that instigates conversation and mutual excitement.  Although there is the rare instance of grumpy customers, the majority of people in the restaurant desire to have a good, fulfilling experience and I intend on doing my best to provide this for them.


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