Posted by: Emily | September 21, 2009

King Neptune Night

Brower Dining Hall on College Avenue

Brower Dining Hall on College Avenue

For those unaware, Tuesday September 22, 2009 is a date long awaited for many meal-plan-holding Rutgers University students.  Indeed, tomorrow night is the yearly “King Neptune Night” at the Rutgers University dining facilities on Cook/Douglass, College Avenue, Livingston, and Busch Campuses.  From the perspective of a food enthusiast such as myself, King Neptune Night is a wonderful buffet of seafood that enlivens the appetite of an otherwise traditionally restricted diner of the university’s facilities.  Although the seafood may be of a quality less than par, the dining hall takes pride in offering a great variety of seafood served in numerous ways.

As I anticipate dining at the commons tomorrow evening, I question the price of taking part in such an extravagant evening.  With dining hall plans costing anywhere from $1,600 to $2,075 per semester it is difficult to attribute meal plan costs to massive quantities of greasy pizza and hamburgers.  The high price of dining at Rutgers can more easily be linked to events such as the upcoming King Neptune.  And so, as I walk away from the dining hall tomorrow evening, I will most likely taste the bitterness of overpriced and overcooked seafood rather than enjoy a tasty dinner with friends.



  1. I hope King Neptune Night was enjoyable!

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